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Narrative journalism (about buying and wearing things!) from all around the world.

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From low wages in factories to the Bachelor Instagram influencer universe.

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A pair of jeans is not simply a pair of jeans, nor a tube of lipstick just a tube of lipstick.

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Tips, tricks, guides, everything.

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Really, why DO men wear basketball shorts after sex?

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Burning dresses, killer dye, and wildly political pockets.

The Swag Project

Our months-long accounting of free stuff.

The Size Conversation

Latest Video

How Hormones Influence Your Shopping Behavior

‘Your Brain on Shopping’ investigates.

There’s More to Headwraps Than You Think

We unravel the hidden story behind headwraps.

I Dressed Like a Divorcée in a Rom-Com for a Week

Can dressing like Meryl Streep transform me into the croissant-baking woman I aspire to be?

Jezebel Express Challenges Beauty Norms Through Burlesque

‘Dress the Part’ meets the burlesque performer challenging beauty norms.

A$AP Eva Is the Woman Behind Your Favorite Rapper’s Jewels

‘Just Browsing’ explores the treasure trove of luxury bling at this unassuming NYC store.
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Fashion Might Finally Be Ready to Say Goodbye to Fur

Burberry joins Gucci, Michael Kors, and Armani in dropping the controversial material from its collections.

How the first LeBron James shoe designed exclusively by women was made

We spoke with the three designers of the HFR x LeBron 16 shoe, the first LeBron shoe designed only by women.

Aging, but Make It Fashion

The fashion industry’s fascination with older models doesn’t impress me, a 55-year-old woman, very much.

The Girdle-Inspired History of the Very First Spacesuits

Bra and girdle technology and seamstresses on Singer sewing machines were integral to NASA’s first spacesuits.

Why Salads and CEOs Are Photographed the Exact Same Way

High-flash photography has infiltrated magazines, Instagram, advertising — you name it.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The shady world of beauty influencers and the brands that pay them, explained

Brands pay influencers tens of thousands of dollars for posts, sometimes to bash competitors. But they don’t always disclose it.

The Virtual Instagram Mascot for the Ikea of Brazil Has My Heart

Lu is much older and wiser than Lil Miquela.

Bernie Sanders called out Jeff Bezos for poor treatment of Amazon workers. The company fired back.

Amazon says Sanders’s allegations are "inaccurate and misleading."

Why It’s So Hard to Find Plus-Size Vintage

Being over a size 12 isn’t new, so why is finding plus-size clothing from the past so impossible?

Why Dyson Released a $500 Golden Hair Dryer

The brand already makes a wildly popular $400 version. Now there’s one with real gold.

The Death of the Plain Preppy Sneaker

As colorful, hypebeast-y sneakers rise in popularity, not all men’s shoes are enjoying the same surge.

Laura Lee, Jeffree Star, and the Racism Scandal Upending the YouTube Beauty Community, Explained

Beauty gurus turn authenticity into hugely lucrative businesses. That can backfire.

Where True Crime Meets Crafts: Why Serial Killer Merch Is All Over Etsy

From a Ted Bundy cross-stitch to John Wayne Gacy birthday cards, murder is getting the homespun treatment.

The ’90s Fashion of Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Explained by Its Designer

The costumer talks Lara Jean’s coats and Margot’s necklaces.

How the Rise of Outdoor Influencers Is Affecting the Environment

Instagrams of beautiful vistas have brought attention to environmental issues — and foot traffic to unspoiled wilderness.

‘Heavenly Bodies’ Is the Met’s Most Popular Fashion Exhibit Ever

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Catholic fashion show hasn’t closed yet, but it’s already breaking records.

I Can’t Figure Out What Brands Are Trying To Tell Me

Introducing fall’s most subtle fashion trend.

How Coconut Oil Went from Health Food to “Poison”

A Harvard professor’s assertion that the oil is like "poison" is just one more battle in the coconut oil wars.

Navigating the Intensely Gendered World of Hair Salons When You’re Queer

Companies like You + Sundry are trying to make the experience a whole lot less harrowing.

Searching for Souvenirs at Dollywood

The Dolly Parton theme park in Tennessee has more knickknacks, clothes, and commemorative trinkets than you can imagine.

How My Sister Found (and Lost) My Wedding Dress

"If there’s ever a good reason to buy a wedding dress, it’s because your little sister told you that you wouldn’t."

Police Allegedly Left a “Bait Truck” Filled with Nike Shoes in a Black Chicago Neighborhood

A community activist questions how residents can trust police after the reported bait truck sighting in Englewood.

Beyoncé’s Attention-grabbing Vogue Cover, Explained

Who had creative control of Vogue’s September 2018 issue: editor-in-chief Anna Wintour or Beyoncé?