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Six Items from Jack Wills That are on Our Shopping Lists This Fall

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Yo ho ho, Jack Wills, one of our most favorite British High Street stores ever is about to open its third American location in Boston. If you're not already familiar with the English heritage-inspired brand, Jack Wills positions itself as a University Outfitter—which means we probably aged out of its target demographic years ago, but still, anyhoo—specifically indulging UK teens and young adults in the Rah look.

What is the rah look? When we asked our English friends, they said, "Rah is like Sloane Rangers, but younger. It comes from what they sound like: 'Rah rah rah.'"

Then we looked up "rah" on and came up with this:

Someone who went to private school (or wish they had), likes rugby (not football), probably a member of a rowing, sailing or yachting club, refer to their parents as "Mummy and Daddy". Boys: often seen to be wearing a lemon (or any pastel shade) sweatshirt slung casually over their shoulders and deck shoes. Girls: Dress similar to that of boys along with pearls, numerous shopping bags and Daddy's credit card. Names often include: Rupert, Will, Guy, Jeremy, Emily, Alexandra, Henrietta, Harriet. Followed by a double/triple barrelled surname, e.g. Harrington-Smythe.The best part? The example for usage in a sentence: "Look at her, she is so rah."
So Jack Wills: English, prep-school inspired, a little bit poncy, a little bit tongue-in-cheek. We love! So while we wait with bated breath for the Newbury Street location to open, we're ordering pieces for our fall wardrobe online—English and heritage and American prep mix well, kind of, right?
· Redburn quilted jacket, $119
· Birlingham wool overcoat, $398
· Sydling crewneck sweat, $69
· Fernhill velvet dress, $549
· Barnhills classic stripe PJs, $89
· Crosby leather bag, $349