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Oh, Snap! Did Manolo Blahnik Take a Jab at Christian Louboutin?

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In the November issue of Harper's Bazaar, Manolo Blahnik—who has, in recent years, been deposed from his Sex and the City-era throne of It-shoe designer by Christian Louboutin, whose bread-and-butter is sky-high platform stilettos—says:

I don't believe in cruelty so I don't say if I think a friend has bad taste. My only exception is if a woman is wearing stilettos with platforms. These are so vulgar—especially the ones with the perspex platforms like you see in 1970s porno films. So shocking! To friends I can say anything, so I might say: "Those shoes are vile!" (I like to tell the truth in a funny way if I can), while to someone I don't know, I might say: "My God you look wonderful! Your dress is divine but the volume of your leg is wrong in those shoes.
Does this sound like a subtle jab directed at Louboutin to you, too?
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