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What's Up With this J. Crew Model's Legs? Is it Tights, Hair, or Veins?

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What's up with the model's legs on the J. Crew women's shoes landing page? Whatever it is—furriness, tights, or varicose veins—the photo's got the crew at DListed cackling with glee:

You don't need it anymore, because according this picture on J. Crew's website, HAIRY LEGS ARE BACK FOR EVERYONE! Fire your waxer! And if a laser zapped away your ability to grow leg hair, you better beg Robin Williams for a jar of his sweat to get your shit growing again. Mo'Nique-afy yourself immediately!
Hm. We're going to guess the model is wearing these J. Crew lace tights, which are priced at $22.50. But, really, you can probably score the look for free just by giving up your razor for a couple of, uh, months.
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