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How to Make a Fragrance

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How did Jean-Paul Guerlain make Samsara, one of his namesake perfume house's most famous fragrances? By working like a [racial epithet], that's how. The founder of the house of Guerlain has come under fire for using a racial slur twice in a television interview on Friday. CNN reports: "Guerlain—who is no longer connected with the perfume company that bears his name—made the remarks during an interview with France 2 on Friday about his career and the making of Samsara, one of his famous perfumes he created to impress a woman. 'One day I told her—and I still called her Madame—"What would seduce you if one was to make a perfume for you?" and she told me, "I love jasmine, rose and sandalwood,"' Guerlain recalled. 'And for once I started working like a [racial epithet]. I don't know if [racial epithet] ever worked that hard,' he said." [CNN]