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Lady Gaga-Inspired Meat Necklace and Cuff From Onch Movement

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Well kids, it's happened. Onch Movement, an LA-based jewelry label, has co-opted Lady Gaga's meat dress look into a line of jewelry—if you can call it that. Thankfully, the Meat-Lace (meat necklace) and Meat-Cuff are 100 percent animal-cruelty-free—as opposed to Gaga's real meat look that was eventually turned into beef jerky—and is guaranteed to never spoil (or grow maggots, as the case may be).

The MEAT-LACE is guaranteed to never spoil! No matter how many times you wear it, the MEAT-LACE will look just as fresh and delicious as the day it was first cut. Need to add flavor to an outfit? Grab a slab and some attention with the MEAT-LACE, perfect for any occasion.
Of note: the photos on the Onch Movement site were shot by one Traver Rains, formerly one-half of New York-based design duo Heatherette, which Rains co-founded with 90s clubkid Richie Rich.

· Onch Movement [Official Site]
· The Meat-Lace, $55 at Onch Movement
· The Meat-Cuff, $55 at Onch Movement