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New Jersey Butchers Warn Halloweeners Against Wearing Lady Gaga-Inspired Meat Dress Costumes

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No, seriously, people were really considering wearing slabs of red meat out on Halloween. Check out this video where one girl talks about the logistics of wearing a bacon costume. We side with the butcher, who wisely notes: "Well, I mean, beyond the sanitary aspects, there's the question of connective tissue. If you're going to sew something like this together, there's a very good possibility that it's going to split, it will fall apart."

"If it's fresh meat, you're going to get blood, juice, all over everything you touch or sit on, so it's not very hygienic."

Sure, he sounds like the master of the obvious, but really, someone had to say it.
· Jersey butchers warn against wearing a Lady Gaga meat dress for Halloween [SL]