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Marmite Pop-Up Shop

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Today in strange bedfellows: Marmite, that love-it-or-leave-it yeasty spread so beloved by many in the UK, has opened a pop-up shop at four Selfridges department store locations in England. The shop sells 150 products, many exclusively, that are Marmite-themed or Marmite-branded. This isn't the first time it's happened, oh no. "Last year our customers pleaded with us to keep our Pop up store open," the website says. "We have had a few tea breaks, we are stocked up with sticky stuff and are ready for some Marmite madness." This collaboration got us thinking. We'd like to see some niche food products open pop-up shops at unlikely locations in the United States. How about a Tabasco concession in the shoe department at Bergdorf Goodman or a Pickled Pig's Feet kiosk at Fred Segal? No? Maybe a Vienna Sausages pop-up shop at Neiman Marcus or a Manwich stand at Lord & Taylor. Ah, deep thoughts on a Wednesday morning. [Marmite Pop-Up Shop]