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Crimson Blood Wolf Pack: A Furry-Tail-Wearing Teen Girl Gang

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Photo of Wolfie for Dazed & Confused by Danielle Levitt
Photo of Wolfie for Dazed & Confused by Danielle Levitt

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This week, Dazed Digital has been running a fascinating series of profiles shot and filmed by photographer Danielle Levitt about the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack, a furry-tail-wearing gang of teenage girls who've banded together in Texas around an Alpha Female, Wolfie.

The Crimson Blood Wolf Pack first blazed into the public consciousness in February this year when its leader, Wolfie, was accused of killing and beheading a dog after photographs surfaced on the internet. While she explains in this video that the dog had already died and she was merely removing its skull (!?) at a friend's behest, Wolfie has since acquired a cult teenage following of self-declared werewolves and ardent fans.

"I've had people at Gamestop ask me for autographs or to take pictures or just beg to hug me, stuff like that," Wolfie says. "And I don't mind it, you can come up and hug me."
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