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Get The Look: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il's Favorite Fur Hat

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There's a pretty spectacular gallery on Buzzfeed right now featuring lots of photos of North Korean despot-slash-dictator Kim Jong Il doing various random things—like looking at fish (above), looking at corn, yelling at corn, looking at cows, and holding a red pail. In most of the photos, Kim is wearing his favorite furry hat. Since he's such a fashion icon, we thought it might be quite cool to "get the despot look." After all, he is super on-trend this season, as faux fur hats are just about everywhere.

· Ignite faux fur trapper hat, $56 at ASOS
· Muhlbauer fur hat, $622 at
· Faux fur horned cossack hat, $40 at Topshop
· Gilly Forge "Francis" hat, $170 at Barneys
· Trapper hat, $135 at Calypso St. Barth