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The Softer Side of Sears: What Trends are Zombies Loving This Fall?

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Have you checked out the Sears website lately? An eagle-eyed Racked reader tipped us off to the big-box retailer's Halloween site overhaul—Zombie-Style. Alongside a zombie gift-guide quiz—Is your giftee cranky or hungry? Does she prefer her brains runny or boiled?—there's a fun zombie Twitter feed and a guide to the zombie lexicon.

Our favorite bits, though, are the videos—especially this outerwear trends segment up top. "Camel is a must this season!" says one Zombie shopper. "Strong shoulders are also making a comeback," adds another. Who knew zombies were so on-trend? Must be all that brain food.

Fitness for zombies:

Zombie elevator:

· Sears [Official Site]