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Obsession of the Year: Esquire Tweets its "Rules to Live By Now"

Bear sweater, via <a href="">Stylester</a>
Bear sweater, via Stylester

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Is Esquire's ongoing Twitter feature "Rules to Live by Now" the post-modern sartorial equivalent of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey? Here are some of our favorites from the current 32:

No. 205: The man who wears a bunny suit is a greater man than the one who wears a business suit.

No. 156: People who use the word "classy" aren't.

No. 4: When someone says he is "pumped" about something, it usually means he's about to do something stupid.

No. 56: No mammals on the sweaters. Or belts.

No. 548: A tattoo of a teardrop is not a sign of sensitivity.

No. 393: A man wearing a brightly colored fanny pack is 7/8th of a man.

No. 225: For a multitude of reasons, tanned people are not to be trusted.

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