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Luxury Online Retailer Oki-Ni Sells a Native American-Inspired Santa

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Have fashion brands run out of objets to rebrand? Check out this Pendleton Collectible Frontier Santa, priced to move at $1,209 at Oki-Ni—an e-commerce site that sells stuff like Rick Owens, Bernhard Willhelm, and Alexander McQuee.

Yes, this doll comes from the same Pendleton that collaborates with Opening Ceremony—the American heritage company that runs a 101-year old woolen mill out in Oregon.

This gem of a Santa stands 26.5" tall, is "Native American inspired," and wears a Pendleton coat with fur trim. His beard is made of shearling and he's carrying a suede hand drum and on his back is a grass-filled teepee.

What do you think? Is this the ultimate gift or what? Or, as a friend of ours so eloquently put it: "What the fuck is this!!"
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