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Mulberry for Target: 10 Styles, Pink Leopard, the Full Lookbook Here

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Officially launching this Sunday at Target stores around the country: the much-ballyhooed, hotly-anticipated Mulberry for Target collection. Why we're excited for it: the styles strongly resemble Mulberry's main line, where bags retail for upwards of $800 (!!). And we have sort of a thing for pink leopard print.

Check out the full gallery. We also have a full price list after the jump.

Which one is your favorite?

In order from left to right:
· Large tote in black pebble, $49.99
· Large satchel in pink leopard print, $49.99
· Large satchel in black quilted/patent, $49.99
· Large tote in pink leopard print ( exclusive), $49.99
· Satchel in denim/patent (also available in black), $34.99
· Satchel in black patent, $34.99
· Satchel in pink leopard print ( exclusive), $34.99
· Cross body bags in pink leopard or black patent, $29.99
· Cross body bag in black pebble, $29.99
· Mini-messenger bag in black velvet/patent or pink leopard, $14.99
· Mini-messenger bag in denim/patent, $14.99

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