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Plastic Bag Bag in Telluride

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This week Telluride became the first city in Colorado to ban the distribution of plastic bags by grocers and other retailers—beginning March 1 next year. USA Today reports: "More U.S. cities and territories are outlawing or taxing plastic shopping bags despite an Aug. 31 legislative defeat of a statewide ban in California. Bans take effect in January in Brownsville, Texas, and Hawaii's Kauai? and Maui? counties. Another follows in February in American. They join others already in effect in San Francisco, other California cities—Malibu, Fairfax and Palo Alto—as well as North Carolina's Outer Banks; Westport, Conn.; Bethel, Alaska; and Edmonds, Wash. In January, Washington, D.C., began charging a nickel for each disposable grocery bag." [USA Today]