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Accused Molester Nole Marin's Lawyer Releases a Statement

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Racked has just received, via email, a statement from America's Next Top Model judge Nole Marin's representative, regarding the lawsuit filed against him by a model alleging Marin molested him during a photoshoot.

The statement says: "I would like to release a statement from Attorney Jeff Sanders (Ritzholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Field LLP) on behalf of Nole Marin: 'The complaint is rife with so many false allegations – from the mundane to the sensational, that Mr. Hammam-Howe’s attorneys should be ashamed. Mr. Nole is an icon of the fashion industry who will not be intimidated by Mr. Hammam-Howe’s desperate fiction, and will defend these claims vigorously.'"
· ANTM's Nole Marin accused of molesting an aspiring male model [Racked]