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Celebrities, Just Like Us: They Like Cooking and Kitchen Accessories

Leverage's Beth Riesgraf at Ali Larter's fundraiser, photos by Amy Graves/
Leverage's Beth Riesgraf at Ali Larter's fundraiser, photos by Amy Graves/

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On Wednesday, actress Ali Larter hosted a fundraiser at Los Angeles' Stella McCartney store to benefit Project Peanut Butter, a therapeutic program dedicated to treating malnourished children around the world. Celeb guests—including Julie Bowen from Modern Family, Amy Smart, Beth Riesgraf from Leverage, Nicole Sullivan from $#*! My Dad Says, and Anna Getty—customized Cooks brand mixing bowls for a future auction to benefit the charily.

The event was sponsored by Cooks brand kitchenware, which provided the bowls and also made a generous donation to Project Peanut Butter. But what's the tie in with Stella? Cooks products, designed by Simply Green by JCPenney, is a line of eco-friendly and energy-efficient homegoods—so eco-friendly plus Stella McCartney's animal-friendly practices plus feeding the children = Hollywood does good.

We hear that Ali Larter went home with some Cooks bamboo cutting boards; Amy Smart already has a set of Cooks bio-resin bamboo mixing bowls, but love them so much she picked up another set; Julie Bowen took home a die-cast blender; and Nicole Sullivan got an energy-saving induction cooktop.
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