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Problems We Weren't Aware of Before Today: Wrinkly Cleavage

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Today in problems we weren't aware existed, but now there's a cure for: early morning wrinkly cleavage. Yup, the Dutch have invented an anti-wrinkle bra for those in-between boob lines that some women appear to suffer from. Now, there's no need for surgery, says the website:

During the night, the anti-wrinkle bra does a very effective job by keeping your cleavage smooth. After just 1 night you will be stunned by the amazing results (scientifically tested!), all without expensive surgeries. Do you want to emphasize your femininity with a beautiful and smooth neckline?
Yes, that's right, this in-between bosom halter-type contraption is for sleeping in. Looks comfy, no? It's available for about $70 at the website below. Well, it's cheaper than Botox on your bosom.
· La Decollette [Official Site]