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Tokyo Sweets Collection: Edible Creations Straight from the Runway

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When Japanese fashion meets gourmet desserts, it creates a temporal vortex of hedonistic pleasure. Or that should be the tagline at the annual Tokyo Sweets Collection, a 2-hour spectacle in which the country’s top patissiers create sugary objets d’art live on stage, while the audience samples their best confectionaries.

The best part however, is the “fashion show," and this year Keita Maruyama’s collection was given the sweet treatment. The chefs were inspired to create dramatic accessories like an Eiffel Tower fascinator and a cherry blossom bouquet, made out of edible ingredients like sugar glass and macarons. It’s the only time the term “eat my hat” is doubly welcome?nay, preferred. — Misha Janette

· Tokyo Sweets Collection [Official Site]