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Holsters Are So Hot Right Now

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You know what they say, right? "Two's a coincidence. Three's a trend." With yesterday's "Fashion Axe" holster as featured on Gilt Man and this "Westcliffe Flask" holster by Denver outfit Elc Mens today, we're only one more handcrafted, unique leather "men's essential" away from putting holsters on the trend track.

Inspired of course by traditional gun holsters and the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, the $285 Made-in-the-USA chromexcel waxed leather flask holster includes the shiny, brass-plated stainless steel flask with custom leather-wrapped cap (plus a bonus: a leather-bound rabbits foot). It's a key accessory in the "100 Days" collection, releasing online only on November 29. Dear brawny mountain men (or those just doing the urban lumberjack or Boardwalk Empire look): yes, it's fully adjustable.
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