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Something We Never Thought Armani Would Do: Easytone Sneakers

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Even though most exercise physiologists and scientists have denounced them as bunk, toning footwear—wobble-board and balance-challenging sneakers that claim to tone your tuckus while you go about your everyday activities—is still a big business. It's so big that a major designer is getting his hands in the market.

1,111 pairs of Emporio Armani-branded Reebok Easytone sneakers will be arriving at Emporio Armani stores this November 15th. Dazed Digital reports:

Having already amassed both commercial and critical acclaim, the newly refined interpretation of the EasyTone shoe will be strictly limited to 1,111 pairs at selected Emporio Armani stores worldwide and online via Emporio Armani from November. Coming with three different coloured laces in red, silver and black to allow for customisation, the EA/Reebok EasyTone is designed to tone and strengthen key leg and butt muscles with every step, and is the first ever toning shoe by a leading fashion house to incorporate Reebok’s Balance Ball™-inspired pods with Moving Air Technology in the sole of the shoe.
This isn's Emporio Armani's first dalliance with the fitness and sporting industry—though the label's previous collaborations have been more traditional in nature—this fall the company co-branded a bike and has previously released a line of sport watches.
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