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Stylista Winner Quits, Complains

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Uh, looks like someone didn't see The Devil Wears Prada—or didn't believe it could be true. Johanna Cox, who won that Elle magazine reality show Stylista and then actually managed to get hired at the magazine has quit—and wrote a long, bridge-burning blog post about how a senior editor was mean to her. "Once you've been at the game for a while and you begin to recognize that the tone is never pleasant, the mistake wasn't yours, and that that senior person seems to spend most of their time undermining others, screaming at other people's children, and reminding the junior staff they're not allowed to sit in meetings when there are more than enough empty chairs, well, at that point, you have to make a decision," she writes. Abusive bosses suck, but we've all had them. Welcome to the fashion industry. [Jezebel, ASJINE]