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Is "Hoochiewear" the Worst Name Ever for a Womenswear Label?

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Hoochiewear: an apparel label with a great cause and a terrible name. Just launched out of Seattle, the casualwear company sells tops, bottoms, dresses, and bodycare products and promises to donate 100% of sales proceeds to non-profit organization Point Hope, a charity dedicated to educating and empowering women and families. So why on earth is the label called Hoochiewear? The press release explains:

Hoochieware's name is derived from the original meaning of the word "Hoochie," used to describe the Flappers of the 1920's. These true "Hoochies" were courageous, unapologetic and proud of who they were. All Hoochieware customers, or HGirls, share the self-pride of these women, and make a world of difference for Point Hope with every purchase.
Okay, fair enough, tap into the etymology of "hoochie." But considering the word's conventional, modern usage is laced with such derogatory meaning, we wonder if the branding powers-that-be might have reconsidered.
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