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American Airlines Lost Model Miranda Kerr's Wedding Dress

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More proof that celebrities are just like us—or, at least, have to contend with the same travel woes that ordinary civilians do. Victoria's Secret model and wife-of-Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr took to her Facebook account to ask the advice of her 367,000 followers when American Airlines lost her luggage—which contains her Colette Dinnigan wedding dress from her July nuptials. Her Facebook message reads:

Hi guys, I wanted to ask for your help... In July American Airlines lost my luggage and I have been trying to locate it ever since. Unfortunately the luggage had my wedding dress in it plus other things that I hold so dear. Has anyone else experienced losing luggage through American Airlines and if so did you ever locate it again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Love Miranda xxx
American Airlines told NBC: "Our customer relations department sent her a letter encouraging her to complete PPQ (questionnaire) so that we can search for her property, and we received no response at all."
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