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Souvenir Dictatorship

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Want a T-shirt with Kate Middleton and Prince William's mugs on it? Well, don't think you can just print one up and wear it around. This is a monarchy, people, there are rules! According to Stylelist, items must be in "good taste" (no commemorative g-strings, then?), and cannot be aprons, tea-towels, or T-shirts. Things that are allowed, according to the Telegraph, include carpets, cushions, wall hangings, headscarves, mugs, plates, trays, commemorative coins, and other "semi-indestructible" items. Photos of the couple are okay, but the Prince's Coat of Arms cannot be used on containers and packaging. Oh, and no one's allowed to produce any of this souvenir stuff after October 1 next year. [Stylelist, Telegraph]