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Karl Lagerfeld Will Star in a Series of Volkswagen Commercials

Karl Lagerfeld posed for a PSA on safety vests in 2008.
Karl Lagerfeld posed for a PSA on safety vests in 2008.

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Karl Lagerfeld is a multi-tasking machine. He's a designer, editor, photographer, filmmaker, and now, actor. WWD reports that Lagerfeld recently shot a series of 30-second commercials to promote special edition Volkswagens. The ads are scheduled to air beginning December 22nd in Germany.

Matthias Becker, Volkswagen's marketing director for Germany, said Lagerfeld took to acting like paparazzi to Paris Hilton. Becker was coy about the plot, not wanting to spoil the irony at the crux of the jokes, but said Lagerfeld plays himself, photographing the cars and musing aloud. "It's a mix between coolness and iconic style, like Karl himself," he said.
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