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Mittens Are Cute: Here are Some of our Favorite Cute Mittens

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Why are mittens so cute? Is it because they remind us of childhood? Or is because they make our hands look like paws? Who knows. All we know is that there are so many handy, cozy, and adorable options in store this season—there are even the mittens-on-a-string kind that keep you from accidentally leaving 'em behind in, oh, we don't know, bars.

1. Fleece mittens with polar bears on 'em, $35 at Yes Style: Cute and fuzzy, these fleece mittens come in blue, brown, and pink for all your cold weather outfit-coordinating needs.

2. "Tollerton" mittens, $29 at Jack Wills: Available in white or "Hollyberry" (that's red), these classic snowflake 100% lambwool mittens are so old school, they come with that string—great for loved ones who are especially forgetful.

3. Knitwits deluxe sock monkey animal mittens, $33 at Mittens shaped like animals for grown-ups? Sign us up! These wool-acrylic blend monkey head hand-warmers have red mouths. Cute, no?

4. Simplicitte Cold snap mittens, $59.99 at ModCloth: These faux-furries are a little more grown-up looking than the monkey-puppets above, but they're still stylish and cute with a ribbon around the wrist.

5. Rabbit mitten, $298 at Coach: Extra-soft (because it comes from a rabbit) and warm, these mits come complete with cutesy pom-poms.

6. Spirit Hoods snow leopard fur hat, $129.90 at Shop Akira: It's like an animal costume, but not, with animal-paw mittens built-in.

7. Premium brown faux fur mittens, $50 at Topshop: Premium brown faux fur and a big boxy shape make these mittens look super-authentic-bear-like.

8. Delux koala mittens, $28 at Karmaloop: We never knew koalas fared so well in the cold! The best part? The pom pom yarn ears. Makes us want to die of cuteness.

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