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Isaac Mizrahi on Today's Martha Stewart Show: "I saved some Weight Watchers points for this segment."

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If you've been following Racked, you know we love love love Isaac Mizrahi, like, unconditionally forever no matter what. Today he was on the Martha Stewart Show making cakes and stuff. And guess what! Mizrahi's on Weight Watchers.

Some choice excerpts from today's show:

On Martha having the answers to everything:
Isaac: Here’s the thing about Martha?She knows every single thing. If you ask her anything about chocolate, or chickens, or cows, or something, or how to grow grass. She knows every answer to every question. She knows!
Martha: Oh grass, how did you know about that? I have been Googling all weekend on how to grow good hay for my horses.
Isaac: Really? What is hay? I didn’t even know you grow hay!

On negating his weight:
Martha: Just put that on (placing pan on the scale) and its now on zero, see. You have to negate the weight.
Isaac: I wish there was a way of doing this with my own weight, ya know, like negate part of the weight. Would that be great if there was a button, like negate please!

On being on Weight Watchers and Martha’s cake:
Isaac: I have to taste this Marts! I can’t just make it, I have to taste it. I saved some Weight Watchers points for this segment.
Martha: You are on Weight Watchers?
Isaac: Yes, but you can’t tell, I know.
Martha: You always look good!
Isaac: Well it’s the holidays, not a good time to diet, I’m sorry about that.

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