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Sparkles and Smells: Giftable Perfume Solids That Look Like Jewels

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Jewelry-and-perfume in one makes a gorgeous gift and a great stocking stuffer idea. Racked trendwatcher Donna Kim picks six of her favorite perfumed jewelry pieces that are in stores now.

1. Stella McCartney “Limited Edition” solid perfume necklace, $49 at This sleek locket necklace is ultra feminine with its solid perfume of rose, peony, and citrus notes.

2. Joya & Vane “Oval” solid perfume locket pin, $29 at This gorgeous locket with vintage-inspired designs holds a fragrant perfume of vanilla and musky citrus.

3. Marc Jacobs “Lola” solid perfume bracelet, $42 at Lola by Marc Jacobs is a sexy scent with mysterious floral notes.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker solid perfume bracelet, $27 at A gleaming gold cuff with a flashy jewel is a wonderful wardrobe accessory and hidden underneath is a fruity sandalwood scent.

5. Juicy Couture “Couture Couture” solid perfume ring, $42 at A bedazzled ring with various stones makes for a statement cocktail ring, and the scent of amber and rich vanilla is the perfect addition.

6. Kat Von D solid perfume ring, $30 at A rock-chic accessory that has a black rose designed by Kat herself.

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