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School Principal Will Urkel-ize Students Who Wear Low-Slung Pants

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If you're a student at Westside Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee, better watch how low your pants go! Principal Bobby White has vowed to Urkel-ize anyone caught with their pants down and too much underwear showing. Urlesque reports: "As punishment, the boys' pants are then hiked up high, a la Urkel, and "fastened with twist ties" before their picture is tacked onto the Wall of Shame. Teachers and staff get trophies for this. Actual trophies." The Urkel Initiative dress code is named after Steve Urkel, the nerd-tastic character on '90s sitcom Family Matters, who wore his trousers hiked up to his chest.
· The Urkel Initiative—Keep Your Pants On [Urlesque]

Westside Middle School

3389 Dawn Drive, Memphis, TN