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Meanwhile up in Westport

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Meanwhile, up in Westport, Connecticut, local boutique owner Tina Dragone took to the pulpit at a town meeting to express her distress that a Goodwill thrift store was coming to the nabe. "...We are really afraid," she said. "Sometimes I am in the store by myself. Sometimes I have two women in the store... So we’re just a little afraid of this type of element coming in... I totally oppose the Goodwill Industry coming across the street. I think Westport being such a beautiful community could have a better choice as to what goes in over there... through the grapevine I have heard through people because I am out there in the retail industry they do hire ex-convicts and I don’t think this is right for the town of Westport. I think we can do better." [The Feast, Westport Now]