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Warner Bros. Pucca & Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr Party at Curve

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As the sun set, red lights were lit and the cocktails overflowed at Curve Boutique in Soho, the adorable cartoon character Pucca—the 10-year old niece of Chinese noodle-house owners who's all about love and power (just in time for Valentine's Day!)— debuted her designer collaboration with labels including Preen and Genetic Denim. "Gossip Girl" Jessica Szohr hosted the opening—apropo of the collection's flirty silhouettes with a bad-girl edge—and celebs such as Julia Stiles and The Strokes turned up to support the super-cute heroine's newest (ad)venture.

"Pucca is all about getting the guy," one Curve employee told Racked. "Pucca is now, and is the fun that fashion needs." And with Valentine's Day right around the corner and a collection as fun and innovative as this, Pucca will definitely get her man come Sunday. - by Getteline Rene and Trevor Swain

· Curve Boutique [Official Site]