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Look What We Found: The Ugliest It-bags Ever Made

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Louis Vuitton New Age Traveller bag, via The Daily Mail

Every season has its It-bag and, let's be honest, sometimes you have to wonder if it's all a little Emperors-New-Clothes. Sure, give us a nice old-school Fendi baguette or an ultra-practical proper-lady Hermes Birkin. But what about the Louis Vuitton Traveller bag (above), for which the fashion house is asking more than $40,000? Also on the list of ugly It-bags this season: Valentino's "Shining Flower" tote, the Vuitton garbage-bag-inspired "Raindrop Besace," and Judith Leiber's $6,000 peacock clutch.
· Yours for £26,000: The most hideous It Bag ever made [Daily Mail UK]