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Project Runway Alumna Irina Shabayeva's Feathers by Tupperware

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Project Runway's season six winner, Irina Shabayeva, showed her first solo collection Saturday night at SIR Stage 37. Irina showed fewer knits than her finale collection on the show, and included a lot of leather, fur and feathers. During Project Runway, Irina once won a challenge designing an outfit that looked like something a rich ski bunny, who doesn't actually ski, might wear in Aspen; these designs would appeal to a similar customer. The whole luxurious collection was inspired by birds and many of the designs incorporated Irina's new logo, an elaborate wing.

The celeb' factor at the collection was low, although Kalyn, Irina's winning model from Models of the Runway, showed up on the runway twice. Once, early in the collection, and then modeling its final design, a strapless feathered dress which reminded us a bit of fellow Runway alum' Kenley Collin's feathered final collection dress. There were only a few actual Project Runway designers in attendance, possibly due to the Shabayeva's "Meana Irina" behavior during her season. Her fellow cast mate Logan and Gordana, and this season's Jesus, all attended. Although none of the three were initially assigned seats, right before the show started, a production person led Gordana and Jesus over to the one remaining free one. Instead of just giving it to Gordana, Jesus ended up sitting on both her lap and the lap of the man sitting next to her, who had refused to move.

Interestingly, the show was "Presented by Tupperware," so the gift bags, cute vinyl totes printed with Irina's wing logo, were filled with an assortment of Tupperware and beauty products. Tupperware wasn't only the sponsor of the show, however, some of the feathers on Irina's designs as well as the models' jewelry were also made out of their plastic.

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