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Launch My Line Finale & Winning Pieces Hit RueLaLa Tonight

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Image via Bravo
Launch My Line, the surprisingly addictive Bravo show that started out with waaaay too many contestants — (Creative + Talent + Model) x 10 = Too Darn Many People to keep track of — finally draws to an end this evening, when Eric, Merle, and Kathy face off one last time. The best part of the finale? Once it's over, and a winner is declared, their goods go one sale immediately at 10 p.m. ET (9 p.m. CT) at RueLaLa. We're not going to let on who we're rooting for, but will say that if Merle wins, we'll definitely be logging in for the louche, sexy chocolate silk lounge look (above). Check out a sampling of the finalists' looks in our gallery. Think of it as pre-shopping.
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