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Double Denim is Back, Oh How We've Missed You

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Doubling up on denim is cool again, at least according to celebs and Anna Wintour — who stuck starlet Jessica Biel in the look on the cover of the most recent issue of Vogue — reports the New York Post. Designers such as downtown darling Alexander Wang showed head-to-toe jeans-wear on the runway. And fashion (ahem, victims, ahem) Kanye West and girlfriend Amber Rose have been spotted multi-layering the textile all around town. "One of the most beautiful and fashionable ways to do this trend is to wear a really well-worn chambray top with a dark denim bottom," Levi's SVP You Nguyen told The Post. "From a fashion perspective, you focus on one color: blue. And it really forces you to focus on shape, proportion and detail.” We dig it — the look kind of makes us feel like we're in post-grunge high school all over again.
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