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Ex-Couturier Thierry Mugler (Manfred) Launches Womanity Website

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Brilliant fashion designer/couturier Thierry Mugler, who's spent a lot of time in the last few years working out and transforming his body into an alterna-personality called "Manfred," (inset) recently launched, a site about (we're not sure about this, but we're gonna take a stab at it...) the global community of women. Sounds good and stuff, right? Yeah, it did to us, too, until we took a look at it.

What on earth? Can anyone explain this?

Our favorite part: the Flash intro that reads: "Womanity is me. Womanity is you. Womanity is her. Womanity is the invisible bond between every woman in the world." —we recommend reading this in a Derek Zoolander voice, a la, "Water is the essence of moisture. Moisture is the essence of of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty." Yup.
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