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Madonna Inks Deal With Iconix, Possible Ed Hardy Endorsement?

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Madonna and brand management company Iconix are set to announce the creation of MG Icon LLC, a partnership that will yield a series of fashion and fashion-related products and projects for both domestic and international distribution. The first product line will be Material Girl, a juniors' fashion line set to exclusively debut at Macy's this August.

An especially interesting part of the deal, which is buried in the realm of possibility and hypothetical speculation is the potential that Madonna may endorse other Iconix brands, including Ed Hardy:

Hypothetical opportunities for Madonna and MG Icon include endorsing other Iconix brands, such as Ed Hardy, which the singer has often worn in the past, or Danskin, noted Cole. “She’s a great dancer so that could make sense,” he explained. “But it’s not just endorsing a brand. When Madonna gets involved in a brand, she’s all in, so she’d probably be involved in design, photo shoots, everything. She’s really a perfectionist.”
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