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Andre Leon Talley: Anna Wintour May or May Not Own a Television

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The Cut has a hilarious (and insightful) interview with The Man (slash) Vogue's Editor-at-Large Andre Leon Talley, who was not on the premiere episode of America's Next Top Model last night.

Is it true you'd never seen ANTM before you went on it?
I'd never seen the show.
Have you caught up on past seasons?
No, I have not caught up. I'd love to look at it, but I haven't had time.
Has Anna seen the show now that you're on it?
Oh no, Anna doesn't look at television. Maybe tennis. Just tennis.
She's not a fan of reality TV?
Well, we haven't discussed it, but I don't think she's a television-watcher. I've been to her home many times and I've never seen her watch the TV.
Does she own one?
I ... I don't know! I never even realized! I don't recall her having a TV! There's certainly no TV in her living room. I think there may be a TV in her guest room.
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