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Drop Out to Haul?

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A Racked reader wrote in to tell us about haul videos going mainstream and forcing one girl to drop out of school. Remember when we introduced you to haul videos a few weeks back? They're those cult Youtube videos wherein shoppers show the camera what they've bought at the mall/drugstore/boutique. GMA did a segment on the phenomenon and profiled 16-year old Blair's (a.k.a. JuicyStar07's), whose haul vlogging has become so popular and successful, she's had to leave high school—she's now being home-schooled, "so she can concentrate on making haul videos." Her seven-year old sister is now posting makeup how-to videos on Youtube as well. "We have some haul videos that compare to major cable channels in views," says Shishir Mehrotra, director of Product Management at YouTube. "We have hundreds of partners that make over $1,000 a month, and we have several that are making six figures and really are supporting a living off of YouTube." [GMA]