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"I'm Kate Moss's Hand Double" - Hand Model Gemma Howorth

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Most people may not be able to pick Gemma Howorth out of a line-up, but you're probably quite familiar with her body parts. Howorth's a parts model, and her hands—insured for £1 million with Lloyd's of London—command upwards of £2,000 a day at modeling jobs. Her hands have played the part of Kate Moss, Lizzie Jager, Natalie Imbruglia, and Lily Cole's hands in commercials, ads, and photoshoots.

With her slender fingers and long nailbeds, Howorth has a pair of the top paws in the parts modeling industry. She wears gloves and SPF60 when she's out in the sun, never does the dishes, and applies handcream about 30 times a day.

"It’s never been a steady income," she told the Mail. "But it can be very good money. I did a Kate Moss commercial for Rimmel and that was amazing. Just seeing her in action was incredible. She is such a professional and got the job done first time. It was very flattering to stand in for her hands. Some people think 'what’s wrong with my hands' but Kate was a professional."
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