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Have a Fashionable Drink at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Store in Milan

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Sometimes, retail therapy can be so stressful, you just need a drink, you know? Enter Marc by Marc Jacobs' new Milan store. Situated in the Brera district, the 3,132 square foot shop is built on the ground floor of a 16th-century residential building—"that fronts the Piazza of Santa Maria del Carmine, a 15th-century church built for the first Duke of Milan."

The new store doesn't just house the latest collection of clothing and accessories from the much-coveted brand, but also a cafe and bar. "The combination of the store and café will extend the reach of the marc by marc jacobs brand by providing a place for those who enjoy the marc jacobs lifestyle to congregate," said architect Stephan Jaklitsch.
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Marc by Marc Jacobs

Piazza del Carmine, 6, 20121 Milan, Italy