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2D Rockstar Style

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Murdoc Niccals, Gorillaz' bass-player-slash-band-leader may be 2D, but he's definitely got style. He recently released his rider to the Observer UK for nutritionist analysis. It includes: a magnum of Dom Perignon 98, home-brewed rum, two bottles of Malibu, juicy, genetically modified chicken (legs and breast only), heavily seasoned, tinned star-fish tuna, coconuts, diamante-studded bananas, green tea (for its detoxing properties, but also to keep his skin "nice and green"), lemon and jam sandwiches, a bowl of Maltesers with the chocolate sucked off, a container of hot and spicy salsa, a jar of self-righteous organic peanut butter, a bottle of 100mg vitamin C, and a large bottle of Viagra. Rock stars, gotta love 'em. [Observer UK]