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Cuisinart Shiny Kitchen Gadget (& Knives!) Sample Sale at Ideeli

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OK. Let's diverge from fashion and trend retail for just one second. Because there's an amazing Cuisinart sale going on right now at Ideeli, and if we had to name a third love (after fashion and meals), it's kitchen gadgets.

Darling pink toasters for $35! Sexy convection ovens under $200! A 21-piece knife set—a veritable wardrobe of cutlery!—priced at $109? These are, like, one-day-sale prices, except you don't have to schlep everything home yourself, yay! We want everything. And then we want to move into an apartment with a bigger kitchen.
· 11-cup die-cast FD Pro, $190 (orig. $279.99)
· 1700-Watt convection oven, $150 (orig. $299.99)
· 21 pc. cutlery set, $109 (orig. $209)
· Four-slice pink toaster, $35 (orig. $49.99)
· 40L half-round step can, $99 (orig. $139.99)
· Set of four travel mugs, $30 (orig. $59.95)