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FCUK Finds A New Use for Chatroulette: Winning Free Clothing

The infamous ChatCat, via <a href="">Imagechan</a>
The infamous ChatCat, via Imagechan

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Do you Chatroulette? The video chat site, of which Bryanboy is already a huge fan, pairs you up with random strangers for a video cam tete-a-tete, although you are allowed to skip from person to person to avoid (or locate) the perverts.

Its iffy reputation aside, as the popularity of Chatroulette continues to increase exponentially, brands will begin to plot how they can best get a piece of the fervor. The first to jump onboard is French Connection, who recently offered a GBP250 ($378) voucher to its British shoppers who could creatively seduce a strange woman via Chatroulette and provide proof of it.

Women of course protested that this was sexist, so FCUK opened up the competition to women as well, so long as they too seduced only other women. The contest goes until March 12, so if you're in Britain and into the idea, here are all details.
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