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Christopher Sauvé and Hintmag Capitalizing on McQueen's Death

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Aaaand in the race to capitalize on the death of Alexander McQueen: The folks over at and Christopher Sauvé, the designer behind the "Save Anna" T-shirts, take the cake. They describe their just-released $65 "Long Live McQueen" printed-on-American-Apparel T-shirt as: "The unisex shirt features the designer's pensive visage set against a graphic background of roses and the heart-felt words "Long Live McQueen."

Heartfelt? We don't doubt it. But something about capitalizing on a much-beloved designer's untimely death (suicide) by issuing a $65 T-shirt kind of rubs us the wrong way. The site claims that "a portion of the proceeds will go to the Terrence Higgins Trust, the largest HIV/AIDS organization in the UK," which was a charity near and dear to McQueen's heart. We contacted the editors at Hintmag and they told us one-third of sales' proceeds will be donated to the Trust in McQueen's name.

Tell us how you feel about this.
· "Long Live McQueen" T-Shirts [Hintmag]