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Zappos: Friendly & Knowledgeable Customer Service Muppets

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Purveyor of shoes (and everything else, for that matter), has built its reputation and die-hard following on its crazy-humungous selection of merchandise and commitment to customer service. The company's new ad campaign launches today and makes its "customer loyalty team" the stars of the show—in muppet form. Reports Contagious:

The campaign features Muppet-style puppets, called Zappets which are modelled on actual employees and uses audio clips taken from real calls. One ad features a call made to a Zappos employee where the customer asks to exchange the Nike Sportswear that they bought for another item, the Zappos employee remarks (without a hint of sarcasm) 'That's a nice deep fryer'.
· Zappos employees become the stars of the show [Contagious]