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Superga Sneaks; Hype Bags; TokiDoki; Disney Couture Jewelry

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Great accessories day in samples sales today—TokiDoki super-cute bags (and cute camera bags too!), Hype slouchy leather totes, and Superga sneakers.
· Ellen Tracy jersey and taffeta dress, $49 (orig. $148) at Ideeli
· Hype "Christy" North/South tote, $149 (orig. $295) at Gilt
· TokiDoki Poco Poco camera bag, $29 (orig. $58) at Ideeli
· Superga 2750 classic sneaker, $32 (orig. $65) at Gilt
· Disney Couture Mrs. Potts gold pendant, $39 (orig. $100) at Ideeli
· Eva Franco Veronica dress, $79 (orig. $223) at Hautelook