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Urban Outfitters' $5 Online Sale: Smoking Slippers and Straw Hats

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Urban Outfitters is having a $5-and-under online sale right now! Not that many clothes to speak of, but there are some funny tchotchkes—like curtain tie-backs and smoking accessories (above). Lots of novelty spectacles, too, for around the $2.99 mark.
· UO smoking lounge slippers, $4.99
· Smoking gloves, $4.99
· Pins and Needles straw bowler, $4.99
· Waylaid antique talon necklace, $4.99
· Jonathan readers, $2.99
· Anchor bottle opener, $4.99
· Rose curtain tie-back, $4.99

· The $5 Sale [Urban Outfitters]