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Repetto Sample Sale at Noon! Ballet Flats and More on Ideeli.

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The thing about Repettos is that they're like crack. Just one pair, and you're hooked. The preferred ballet flat of style icons including Catherine Deneuve, Kate Moss, and Charlotte Gainsbourg—Repettos are handmade, super-soft, easy to wear, dainty, and not-at-all-weirdly-shaped (some ballet flats can look rather, um, oblong, if you know what we mean).

The other thing about Repettos is that they're hard to find and sort of expensive. We go through pairs of Repettos like water—and, priced at upwards of $200 a pop... Well, let's just say we're super-excited for the Repetto sample sale on Ideeli, starting today at noon. Act fast, though—some styles have already been completely reserved in the pre-sale, so the rest are bound to go quickly.
· Repeto patent toe ballet flat, $117 (orig. $205)
· Repetto sample sale [Ideeli]